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Quick Controls 2 example sefaults on window close

  • Hey all,

    I recently upgraded my graphics card driver to the latest from AMD (card: AMD Radeon HD 8790M, driver date: 09/01/2017) and now any QML application segfaults when I close the application. I first noticed this with my own application that I am writing, but I was able to reproduce with any QML application (including Qt's QML examples). Does anyone have any ideas on why this would be happening?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Since you updated the driver of your video card then it's likely the culprit. You should downgrade it and test again your application.

  • Any idea which version(s) would be compatible with QML? I do not know which version was previously installed, and the option in Windows device manager to rollback the driver is unavailable.

  • I reverted to the 12/07/2016 driver and the issue is no longer present. It's very strange that the old drivers work but the new ones do not. However, I'm glad that it's fixed.

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    Nothing really strange, the new driver likely introduced a regression that didn't got caught.

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