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Sorry but im done with QT

  • I dont know why, but i had so many Problems the last Time with QT. I really like QT, but i think im done with it for now. On Windows i cant add new QT Versions with the Maintaincetool und i cant Update anything, because i get Errors that Packages cant be download. And that since several Month. Now i have a Problem here that i cant solve and i tried to install some other Packages, but on Windows they are not listed in the Tool. So, as i had done several Times, i deinstall all and install all new. But now the Website is not working and i cant download the Installer.

    Somebody had similar Problems? I really mad at the Moment and take a look now at C# and WPF.

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    @Fuel said in Sorry but im done with QT:

    But now the Website is not working and i cant download the Installer

    Works for me:|d62710cd-e1db-46aa-8d4d-2f1c1ffdacea#section-2
    Are you sure your computer or internet connection isn't the source of these problems?

    I never had such problems.

  • Now the download of the Installer works again.

    I dont think that it is my Internet Connection, because i dont have any Problems with anything. I had to reinstall everything the last time more then 1 or 2 times and everytime i had some Problems with downloading. The biggest Problem is updating, that only works if i try it about 20 times.

  • Do you necessarily have to download on the same day an update.

    If the maintenance tool servers or your (read mine) own internet has a day off ... I just put it off to try for the next day.

    Obviously I'd be slightly miffed if I had to do a full dev PC build on that day and couldn't ... luckily that happens very rarely and if it's just an update of things... I continue on with the current environment.

    The Qt technology itself is too useful for me to give it up because of shitty internet. I get more outages from people cutting major fiber links to the region than I experience a Qt server problem personally...

    Bastardizing the regular expression joke:
    you had a problem today so you went over to c# / WPF ... now you have 2 problems =) - but good luck - I personally am getting as far away from Microsoft as I can lately... I only develop on Windows because that's what we are currently targeting.

    If that decision were up to me I'd release an embedded boot to Qt/Linux device. I have a linux dev env setup and maintained for that day too... I still might get that... working on it.

  • I started today to try to install Qt again, but i always get a Timeout by downloading Metadata. I tried it at the Morning and Noon, but i cant install Qt at the Moment. Progress stops always between 50-60%.

    I love Qt too, but i hate this Problems. At the moment its frustrating.

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    FYI: there are also offline installers available.

  • I know i tried that some Month ago. But the Offline Installer doesnt contains the Installer Framework or some other Tools i need. And after Installation there are no Servers setup in the Maintaince Tool, so that you cant install other Tools or do an Update. I dont know but there was a couple of Things i missed in the Offline Installer.
    And the Maintaince Tool cant add new Packages, because they are not listed. Like switching to 5.9.1 from 5.9. You have to do a complete reinstall.

    As i said i had to fight with this Problems many Months in a Row.

  • Hi, just guessing but maybe it's a firewall problem? You could try connecting to the internet through a VPN and then install Qt...

  • I dont think its a Firewall, because the Timeout occurs at 50-60% at different Packages. I need to try it many Times and sometimes im lucky and it works. Its only the Process where he try to recieve Metadata. After this, Installation works always fine.

  • Hmm, you also get the same Timeouts if you connect through Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection (or the other way around)?

  • Cant test it, but i dont have Problems with my wired Connection. I play Games, surf on Websites, watch Twitch Streams, Youtube Videos and so on. Qt Tool is the only Problem. Half Year ago i was thinking its me, but at the Moment i think its something else. I think the Tool uses the http Protocol.

  • Just checked the MaintenanceTool, I see that when it does "Retrieving meta information from remote repository" it connects to a server in Digia's network in Helsinki, Finland.

    Normally when the MaintenanceTool downloads stuff it tries to go first to a server in the same country you're in, but that "Retrieving meta information.." part seems hardwired to Digia in Finland.

    The URL to the Digia server is is see if you can download from it...

  • Now i tried to download the Package manually a few Times and it works great. I started the Tool


    and go to this Page and downloaded the Package. Works great, but the Tool wont download it.

  • Hmm, just guessing, but could it be your anti-virus program that somehow blocks the download?

  • I deactivated my Antivirus but still get the Timeout

  • Ok another guess: maybe the Tool cannot save the files, it uses the directory in the TMP env. variable to create about 70 subdirectories called remoterepo-1fjNoZ, remoterepo-Zt5JDQ etc.

    If you open a CMD window and type echo %TMP% you can check that the directory is a valid name on your harddisk.

    P.S. Also, you can try to run cleanmgr to clean the TMP directory.

  • I deinstalled my Antivirus, cleaned my TMP Directory and still get the Timeout. But after some tries now im able to install it again.

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