Multilevel QTabWidget

  • Does Qt have a multilevel tab control? I have a plenty of tabs but they are grouped by categories and I want to place them like in a bookshelf

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    Please post a diagram, a sample image (screenshot) or a more detailed description, so we can understand what exactly you mean by that.

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    Are those tab levels 1 and 2 part of one control - just ordered differently, or is tab level 1 shown whenever a button of tab level 2 is clicked?

  • @kshegunov
    Second case - whenever clicked

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    You can put a tab widget inside the other tab widget, this way when switching tabs you'd get a different tab widget for each page. Another way you can do that is to have a QStackWidget for "Tab level 1" and change the page when a button from level 2 is clicked. And then have another stack widget for the tab area which would be controlled by the tab level 1 buttons. This is much more involved however and you'd need to manually manage the pages for the stack widgets.

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