Is this possible natively? Qt UI interface

  • Hello All,

    I have a designer who is helping me out with a desktop product. Not sure if this even possible.
    This looks like a web app really and really not my cup of tea but it looks really beautiful compared to the native Diagram Scene Example (

    So is this possible? Any suggestion how can I proceed to even try to implement this.
    0_1505906192391_Dashboard Idea.jpg

    Thank you for the help and guidance in advance.

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    It is possible, yes, QML with Qt Quick Controls 2 can give you a similar appearance with a moderate amount of effort. It'd be much harder to achieve with the older technology - the widgets, albeit it's probably possible.

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    Take a look at QML and especially the new QtQuick.Controls 2 module. I would not recommend using QtWidgets for such app look.

    Edit: Ah, just a second too late ;-)

  • Thank you @kshegunov and @sierdzio
    Yeah from QtWidgets to this would be a steep learning curve but I guess I should invest some time into it.
    Design dictates a lot of things now and I need to find a way to include that in my project.

    Googling for examples to help me kickstart. If anyone of you can recommend any examples I would be again thankful.

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    Look here, should help to get you started alongside with the Qt's documentation. It's not very hard to get into QML - an experienced developer would need a couple of days to be able to tie up something simple, and the technology plays well with designers (one of the points of introducing it).

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