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how to Deploying Applications to Embedded Linux Devices with QtCreator?

  • I use Qt to program for embedded Device. I tried to use Qt Creator to deploy an app to embedded Linux devices but I can’t succeed fully, there is something wrong.

    By my test in the pro file, I write the following:

    target.path = /tmp
    target.files += $${TARGET}
    target.files += main.o
    documentation.path = /tmp
    documentation.files += main.o
    INSTALLS += target documentation

    I hope the 2 files, target and main.o, will be copied to dir /tmp on the remote device by deploying. But in fact, only target is copied.

    the Running Setting looks like this:
    ![alt text](0_1505869883799_Screenshot from 2017-09-19 17:32:36.png image url)

    In the list of "files to deploy", there is only one file, the app target.

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