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What's the point of an ODBC driver if I have to hard code a username and password into my program?

  • The project I'm working on has me jumping back and forth between C++ and Qt Framework. (The significance of that sentence will become clear in a bit, bear with me) I have to communicate with a SQL db in both my C++ program and my Qt program. I had my Qt program running correctly. It was my first Qt program and I harvested a lot of examples offline to get it working. It could comm with the db add, modify, and return data. Once working with the C++ program I changed the user password. Then without thinking jumped back to my Qt program. Of course it wouldn't work . I found the issue but it made me think, what is the point of a ODBC driver, I have to enter a username and password in it to get the ODBC driver working? Does it not store this information? I would prefer not hard coding the username and password in the Qt program because if I ever have to change them I don't want to recompile my program and add it to the comps i'm working with to get everything working again. I would prefer to just update the ODBC driver and everything is happy again.

    Am I missing something here?

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    I'm not used to ODBC, but generally, if a username and password is required for something, it's usually done in the application settings rather than hardcode it.

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