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Application output in QtCreator

  • Hello.
    My environment: Qt5.9.1, Debian 7, platform EGLFS.
    I'm using Debian 7 without X Server (EGLFS instead), and I have one small problem: I don't recieve any application output (qDebug, qWarning, etc) in QtCreator.
    The same application on Debian 7 with X Server works fine and show all messages in QtCreator "Application output" panel.
    I tried to change option Tools\Options\Environment\System\Terminal to "/bin/bash -e" instead "/usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator -e" and I see additional bash proccess when application running, but no output.
    Howewer, I see output of external programs (hwclock, for example).
    Also If I started program directly from ssh session, all output present in ssh.
    How can I fix this issue?

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