cannot open input file 'CuteReport.lib'

  • I tried to use Cute Report in my Qt application. I follow the Doc pdf file that is on the website of the cute report on how can I use. it writes the following

    Embedded library
    There are some important steps to use CuteReport as embedded library in the custom
    • add all necessary data to your project fle (.pro);
    • add header fles of CuteReport to your cpp fle;
    • create and initialize report core;
    Add next lines to your .pro fle:
    INCLUDEPATH += path_to_CuteReport_headers
    LIBS += -Lpath_to_cutereport_shared_fles -lCuteReport -lCuteReportWidgets
    And add above headers to your code:
    #include "reportcore.h"
    #include "reportinterface.h

    but when I follow this and do this in my .pro file

    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/development/include/cutereport
    LIBS += -L$$PWD/development/development/ -lCuteReport -lCuteReportWidgets

    copied the development folder from my C drive which installed on it the project to my file path and uses $$PWD to get project path I got this error

    :-1: error: LNK1181: cannot open input file 'CuteReport.lib'

    and a second option to import them as a framework but I can't find the .pri file in the installed path of the Cute report
    if someone tried it before can help me or what makes this problem
    Thanks in advance

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    Did you check your installation ?
    Where exactly are the corresponding library files ?
    What about contacting the authors of that framework ?

    • Yes and I thought there is a problem with my installation and to make sure I reinstall it to make sure.
    • it set up on C drive but I copied the development folder (which have all the libs and include) to my project path even if I set paths with c drive it gave me the same error
    • I will do that if there is no solution here I want the help if anyone tried this framework before or have the same problem to help me

  • As per our email conversation, the issue is solved.
    The problem caused the issue is an outdated documentation. Correct code to add to a .pro file is:

    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/cutereport/include/cutereport
    LIBS += -L$$PWD/cutereport -lCuteReportCore -lCuteReportWidgets

    This is valid for CuteReport "development" folder from a CuteReport installation placed inside a custom project
    structure as a "cutereport" folder.

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