What are the source and build directories for a plugin testing Qt Creator instance?

  • I am a university student who is new to Qt and Qt Creator. I recently got involved in a project that involves creating a Qt Creator plugin. It seems I'm stuck in getting the plugin project configured properly (it's just a "Hello World" plugin at this point).

    I'm following the steps of the Creating Your First Plugin tutorial. The tutorial recommends using two different instances of Qt Creator – one for developing the plugin, the other for testing it. To this end I've installed the open source version of Qt 5.9 in two locations on my Linux PC, namely $HOME/Qt5.9.1 and /opt/Qt5.9.1. Both locations have their own copy of Qt Creator in the Tools/QtCreator subdirectories. I'm using 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04.

    I'm stuck in the tutorial at Step 6: "Set the Qt Creator sources and Qt Creator build fields to the source and build directory of the Qt Creator instance you want to use to test your plugin with, respectively." Where can I find these source and build directories? Do I need to locate the source code for Qt Creator? How do I determine the build directory?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The source directory is the folder where you downloaded the Qt Creator sources. The build directory is the folder containing your build of Qt Creator.

  • Thank you for the welcome and clarification, SGaist!

    It wasn't immediately apparent to me that I actually needed the Qt Creator sources to create a plugin for the IDE. Fortunately I got some good advice from a project team member of mine on the steps of solving the problem. I downloaded the sources, compiled them and finally made a copy of the build directory. This way I got the two instances of Qt Creator needed for development and testing. All is as it should now.

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