Using Qt Webview 1.1 with Qt WebChannel

  • Hi,

    Can we use Qt Webview 1.1 with Qt WebChannel in order to maintain the QML elements/ objects form HTML file in the Qt Webview?

    I want to develop a mobile hybrid app by using QtWebview.


  • Yes, you can, using WebSockets as a transport. But not with QML only - some C++ code is required.

    1. Implement a transport using QWebChannelAbstractTransport and register it at QML side;
    2. Add WebChannel;
    3. Add WebSocketServer;
    4. Connect your channel to the transport at onClientConnected:
    WebSocketServer {
        listen: true
        port: 55222
        onClientConnected: {
            if(webSocket.status === WebSocket.Open) {

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