Questions of utility functions of QtQuick

  • Do QtQuick exist a way to

    1 : Obtain screen resolution
    2 : Switch codes on different platform, likes

    //do something
    //do something

    I remember I saw something similar in Qt blogs, but I forgot what it called.

  • Hi!

    V-Play Engine for Qt-based mobile apps and games comes with many components that allow to create native-looking UIs and a native user experience for both iOS and Android from a single QML code-base.

    If you then want to additionally separate between iOS and Android, you can do so with e.g. the Theme.isIos property:

    import VPlayApps 1.0
    App {
      AppText {
        text: Theme.isIos ? "This text shows on iOS" : "This text shows on other platforms like Android"
        anchors.centerIn: parent

    Hope this helps!


  • @GTDev Do v-play support long term version of Qt5 like Qt5.9?Would v-play release pre-build version of Qt5.9.x? I ask this because new version Qt have more features but also less stable

  • @tham When new Qt versions are officially released, V-Play usually takes some time to prepare the SDK for this version and then also provides an update to switch to the new Qt version. At the moment, V-Play uses Qt 5.9 and Qt Creator 4.3.0.

    It is generally recommended to go with a new Qt version, unless it is not stable enough and there are some problems. It is also possible to get V-Play support for other Qt versions in that case, e.g. with a support package or the included support hours of the paid plans.


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