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Video shows "no content"!

  • Hello, I try to use video item to play .flv video. However, the result shows "no content". The code is as following:

                 Video {
                    id: video1;
                    anchors.fill: parent;
                    source: "rafael.flv";
                    MouseArea {
                    anchors.fill: parent;
                    onClicked: {
                            console.log("no content");
                focus: true;
                Keys.onSpacePressed: video1.playbackState == MediaPlayer.PlayingState ? video1.pause() :;
                Keys.onLeftPressed: - 5000);
                Keys.onRightPressed: + 5000);

    Could anyone tell me the reason? Thanks in advance!

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    That's a relative path, are you sure it's in the same folder as the executable ?

  • @small_bird I have knowed that I have to install DirectShow on my OS!!

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