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Disable QTransform::translate with NaN called warning

  • Hello,

    I download QGC stable 3.2 and when i run it (in debug mode) i'm getting alot(!!!!) "QTransform::translate with NaN called" warning.
    I tried finding the reason in the code but i can't, in addition it doesn't really distarb working with the program.

    So my i need to do 1 out of 2 :

    1. find the reason for this warning --> any debug action that can help(i already looked at all the translate function in the project).
    2. disable this particular warning so it will not print it(like in release ).

    Any other option/idea/suggestion will be consider :-)


  • Hi,
    I'm still looking for some kind of solution for this...

    Anyone has any idea?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What's QGC ? Did you try to contact the author of that piece of code ?

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