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Counting records in a QSqLite db

  • The director barks an order for quiet together with large crew inside the Oktobor set obey acquiring a reverent silence given that they casts his eye inside the lighting. According to seconds later the pre-shoot bustle resumes.

    How's this scene different is whatever the full-on TVC feel within the production, the ad being shot won't be performed inside the tele. It'll only appear on the internet.

    For each extended time NZ brand proprietors have treated the net with a mixture of contempt, indifference and confusion. However almost all are hastening to obtain online. And also to achieve cut-through inside the digital world, most will probably date as tossing near-TVC sized budgets at web campaigns. How To Buy A Good Quality Complete Skateboards For Beginners

    This is often frequently great news for the finest-finish production the kind of Oktobor, who're clearly happy for that work. But, states Oktobor boss Patrick McAteer, the net goldrush has additionally meant serious soul trying to find his business, since it grapples getting its market positioning inside the new digital media age.

    Oktobor's pitch is frequently like a "screen agnostic" purveyor of high-finish visual effects. And in addition it wants to offer you a depth of services and proper guidance that enhances, instead of competes with, the task of agencies' in-house interactive departments.

    Pressure is onto get digital media right because those are moving towards it hugely. A 'cisco' survey released lately found broadband-connected New Zealanders spend typically 47 hrs each week connected with media-related activities.

    Almost all that time -- 22 hrs -- is spent on the internet, while only 14 hrs is adopted watching tv. And people internet hrs will definitely increase as growing figures of sources are thrown within the web becoming an entertainment medium.

    You start departing skateboard crashes and cute kittens into this atmosphere where everything might be replicated -- books, radio, TV, video. Will you it stop? It [the web] has switched within the hub," states McAteer.

    He's confident the shift will likely really cover digital consumption growing, not TV shrinking, and hubby states brand proprietors remain uncertain to be able to make the most of the web, and want further convincing about its potential. what size of skateboard should i get
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  • @thuylinhphuong

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Are you aware of the size() method?
    That seems to do what you want.

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    Why not use the COUNT SQL keyword with a SELECT statement ?

  • hi,

    As said by @SGaist , u can use the count keyword in the query to find the number of records in one of the tables.

    Select count(column) from tablename;

    u will the total count of records in the table.


  • While I strongly recommend you use the methods suggested above, I wanted to answer

    @thuylinhphuong said in Counting records in a QSqLite db:

    What did I miss?

    You are calling next() twice.

    int recCount=0;
    qDebug() << "Record count (fixdb): " << recCount;

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