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Want some more information about QtWebView in Qt 5.4.2 as a preview version

  • My widgets based application is using Qt 5.4.2 for now, Mac only, I succeed use QtWebView+QQuickView displayed a web page.

    My questions are:

    1. Does QtWebView in Qt 5.4.2 as a preview version rely on QtWebEngine, and can't it work without QtWebEngine?
    2. If so, under the condition that I use QQuickView to display in a widgets base app, what is used for rendering? Still OpenGL? I read QtWebEngineWidgets use OpenGL for rendering here:, not sure what is used for my case.
    3. What are the main differences between QtWebView 5.4.2 preview and QtWebView 5.9?

    Thanks for answering very much!

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    From a quick look at the sources of the module:

    1. Yes it does and yes for iOS and Android, so in your case for macOS, no.
    2. In 5.9, the native macOS web view is used rather than QtWebEngine and support for winrt

    For number 2, what should your application do ?

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