QT5 app menu behaving odd on Tiny Core Linux

  • I'm running a QT5 application on Tiny Core Linux with XVesa as xserver and Fluxbox as window manager.
    My app is just a simple QMainWindow with menu items and all was generated with QDesinger. When the application is automatically invoked when x starts the menu items behave weird. When I click on a menu that has sub menu items the sub menu items appear but right away disappear. This all happens while mouse is still pressed. BUT if I run my application from a terminal then all works well. I no that when xserver starts it will launch a script via exec() and it is from this script that my app is loaded.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Just a wild idea, are you sure that you don't start your application too early maybe before Fluxbox is fully started ?

  • Yes I'm sure and I can recreate the problem later.

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    What do you mean by later ?

  • Well the TinyCore desktop has a toolbar called wbar that has icons to lunch certain applications.
    You can add your own app to it. I added my test app to it and when I lunch it I get the same problem.
    I found the script that runs these application and it is simply calling exec() BUT if I open a terminal and run my app from there then all is good.

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    Then I'd bring that to the folks handling the Desktop Environment, they will likely be more knowledgeable about that matter.

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