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QSqlDatabase IsOpen OCI doesn't see cracking connection to Database.

  • while connection to the database is cracking (lost WLAN, unplug cable, etc..) and you ask via class QSqlDatabase isOpen you will get the result true. I fixed the issue in my local installation. please advise how to provide solution for implementation in further releases. I'm using Qt Version 5.9.1 and OCI Driver as plugin with MSVC 2015.
    I found in Bug Database QTBUG-224 and QTBUG-10429 which exactly reporting that bug. Why is it not implemented yet? A solution was provided already in 2010.

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    @Stefan_Lux This is something you should discuss in the bug tracker or developers mailing list, not here. This forum is for Qt users. From QTBUG-224: "isOpen() does not cause database traffic, and should not start doing so". So, most probably this method will not be changed, but you can suggest a new one like isConnected().

  • Thanks for advice.

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