Using h264 and mp3 content in QWebEngine?

  • Hi Dear good people and reliable qt champions,
    I'm trying to show H264 and mp3 content in QtWebEngine. But i didn't find the problem about it. Lastly i found this command;

    qmake WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs

    If i want to play a h264 video webpage in qt application, i will need compile webengine for myself. I compiled qt a lot of times for embedded boards. But this reason, why we re-compile qtwebengine with using this command? There are as least 18980 header and source file, i saw. I will fuck the required licences for play fucking video. Why openH264 is not used though it was mentioned by qt? If i successful, i will share compiled libs. (Linux Mint Serena).


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    First and foremost, please stay polite.

    H.264 if a proprietary codec. If you want to use it in your application you must either get a license or use openH264. This decision is your responsibility and outside of Qt's scope.

  • Qt Opensource could comes with openH264 support.

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    Like I already wrote in another thread, adding a 3rd party is not just throwing some code in. You have to validate that it's working, you have to keep up with their development, in the case of such a format you'll have to provide a way to replace it with one of the commercial offering, then you also become responsible to fix it if there's a vulnerability found in the codec that may affect all the user base you have etc.

    Without forgetting the build requirements that you must also ensure the people building Qt can easily install and use.

  • Qt Multimedia uses gstreamer backend for audio. Someone who compile Qt Opensource for linux, need to install libgstreamer packages on own system. It didnt work.
    Why we cant choose libgstreamer or libvlc?

    Is it not a 3rd party code? What do you think about that?

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    We might have a misunderstanding about the meaning of 3rdparty.

    3rdparty in this case refers to libraries like SQLite that are provided as part of Qt itself even though if you build Qt yourself, you can use your distribution provided development package.

    Gstreamer is a system dependency like MySQL.

    If you would like to use LibVLC then you have the VLC-Qt project. If you would like to have libVLC as a backend for Qt Multimedia then you are welcome to contribute a plugin using it.

    People tend to forget something: the Qt project does not have an infinite amount of people working day and night on it. Adding new backends with new dependencies requires both people and time to write and test the code as well as maintain it. A dependency also adds overhead in maintenance, security checks etc.

    As for QtWebEngine, it's using chromium as backend so if you'd like to something specific for it, you should check with the upstream project.

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