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Collaboration between QOpenGLWindow and QWidget(as Window)

  • Hi,

    i want to visualize 3d-content with a QOpenGLWindow. Beside that there should be QWidget as window, to act like viewer for status messages. When i start the program, the QWideget opens and visualizes to the user the whole intialisationrutine. After that the QOpenGLWindow opens automaticly and visualizes the 3D-Scene. When the QOpenGLWindow is closed (maybe over a menĂ¼ in the 3D Scene) then the QWidget releases all resource and shutdown the whole program. My Question, is such an approach with that elements feasible. Both elements are toplevel, so maybe the collaboration might be problem. Thanks in advance for any hint.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, there's no problem regarding the use of multiple top level windows.

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