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libQgpsmm no such file or directory

  • Hi. My environment is cross compiling a Qt4.8.6 project, host is a debian x86 and the target is an arm debian machine (Beaglebone), this environment has been very successful where I built Qt creator and its libraries from source for both the x86 and the arm. I am now adding a Adafruit ultimate gps module to a UART port on the Beaglebone and have installed GPSD on both host and target, the GPS hardware and GPSD are successfully working on the Beaglebone ARM target as cgps is working there.

    I now want to add a c++ interface to my host Qt Creator environment. On a terminal window on each of the host and target I..sudo apt-get install libgps-dev. In my Qt project I added #include <libQgpsmm> (the c++ interface to libgps) but I get the build error "libQgpsmm: No such file or directory". I see that in usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu I have libQgpsmm.prl/so/so.21/so.21.0/so.21.0.0 , but I think maybe I need an so.4.8.6 to match my build environment. All help will be greatly appreciated.

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    @Simplexity said in libQgpsmm no such file or directory:

    #include <libQgpsmm>

    Are you sure the header file is named like this? It is unusual to have lib prefix in a header file name.
    "libQgpsmm: No such file or directory" - I think it is related to the header file you're trying to include not the lib.

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    @Simplexity On Ubuntu it is

    libgps-dev: /usr/include/libgpsmm.h

    So should be

    #include <libgpsmm.h>


  • @jsulm many thanks. Yes libgpsmm.h is ok, but the man page you pointed to also references libQgpsmm.

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