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Qt5 + QML on Android Things Developer Preview 5

  • Just installed the new Android Things Developer Preview 5 on a Raspberry Pi 3 (with 7" official touchscreen) as this release supports OpenGL 2.0 (yay!). I tried running a really basic QML app (in fact the default from QtCreator) and, whilst it runs, I just get a black screen after the splash screen and the following cryptic warning from ADB:

    I vndksupport: sphal namespace is not configured for this process. Loading /vendor/lib/hw/ from the current namespace instead.
    W EGL-DRI2: Native format mismatch: 0x1 != 0x5

    The app runs fine on a phone and I can run a pure widget app with no problems.

    Anyone from the phone/embedded camp got any thoughts or suggestions as to whether this is solvable or a bug/limitation with the Things beta? The internet seems to think it might be a pixel format (RGBA rather than BGRA) issue?

    I'm using Qt 5.9.0 with NDK R15C and SDK 23 or 26.

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    i think you will have the best chances on the android-dev mailing list.
    If you find a solution be so kind and post it also here ;)

  • @raven-worx
    I guessed that might be the case, I just wasn't sure if others had had issues with OpenGL and Qt on other embedded platforms, possibly with Android. I'm guessing it might be because this release is still a Beta and I think Google are focusing on 'native' apps written in pure Java against their SDKs first.

    Will post if I find a solution thought :)

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