QCLD2 a Lib (Google) to Detect language, after Translate on Google Api phyton php..

  • A module for recognizing the language in the QT Framework deriving by Google code, two or more hack to bring all run.
    I hope we can translate file by next....

    So the QSpeech can launch the correct locale from text...
    How to compile

    Qt version 5.5.1 or above. Required modules: Qt Core to test.
    Not Testet on Window box, it run inside Mac Osx El Capitan & Unix.
    To build module lib get recursive the source to include google code cdl2 from other path.

    git clone --recursive https://github.com/pehohlva/QCLD2

    To compile QCLD2 run

    qmake && make && make install

    from top path
    a small test cmake file.. is attached...


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