Android load failed: cannot locate symbol

  • I'm trying to run my qt-android app on the Google Nexus device, it successfully compiled for armv7-arch, but when I run it, in "Application Output" under QtCreator, I get:

    E/dalvikvm( 1545): 
    failed: Cannot load library: soinfo_relocate(linker.cpp:975): 
    cannot locate symbol "_ZN22QWindowSystemInterface17handleExposeEventEP7QWindowRK7QRegion" 
    referenced by ""...

    What is the reason of this error?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet

    How do you try to run your application?

    When it is compiled for armv7, you can run it only on such a device. Either you have an AVD or you need to run it on the actual device.

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  • @koahnig

    Hi, and thanks for greetings.

    I run my app on Galaxy Nexus device, which has Cortex-A9 processor with armv7 architecture. The reason is in other.

  • Just a thought: When some function is not found, there could be a problem in deploying Qt to the device. Check that your deployment method copies Qt to the device with the application.
    Another thought: You don't tell the Qt version. If not 5.9, you should update to that. Perhaps this problem has been fixed.

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