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Porting my Qt application from qt4.3.3 to QT5 .X

  • Hi
    I am working on porting my QT application which is at qt.4.3.3 to qt.5.x

    Can some one speculate how much work and challenges will be involved

  • No clear question,

    A: Depends whether the modules you're using are deprecate or not in Qt 5

    Some extra information might help


  • Oh.. this can be stay simple or a long work... depend from used tools..
    i missing the QHttp class.. from version 4

    void LoadGetImage::Start()
    	const QString METHOD =  "GET";
    	const QString agent = QString("Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +");
    	connect(this, SIGNAL(done(bool)), this , SLOT(ImageReady(bool)));
    	Http_id = request(header,0,0);

    now i find the new network manager from urlrequest very slow..
    and i find a lot of ssl error on 5.9
    QHttp is so nice and can setting all protocoll...
    from qt4 to 5 is chance many variable from qmake file & string conversion...
    try to run qmake && make in your qt4 app and you can see the difference... :-)

  • how can I get free package of qt5.2

  • what are the advantages of using QT5.2 over qt4.3.3

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    Qt 4 has reached end of life, it's not developed anymore, the only reason a new release could be made is if there was a security hole found. Furthermore Qt 4.3.3 is more than a decade old thus missing all the bug fixes that went in in between.

    Starting with Qt 5.2 is also not a good idea, we are currently at 5.9 as new LTS with 5.10 reaching feature freeze. At the lowest you should use Qt 5.6 which is the old LTS.

    Also, searching for QHttp in the Qt 5 documentation leads to the source breaks page where there's a link for a QHttp for Qt 5 repo if really needed.

  • Nice a kind of bridge towards back compatibility or code refactoring? qhttp. class... Save time :-)
    das spart zeit beim ├╝bersetzten 4.8 zu 5...

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