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Qt SDK for Meego 1.2 - Harmattan only ?

  • Hi to all,

    I have a question that I have not clear. When you start a new project (or import a previous project in a new one) with the SDK 4.7.3 for Meego Harmattan there are two possible targets:

    • Plastform API for Harmattan
    • Meego 1.2

    What is the difference ? The only thing I saw is that with the QEMU onle one of the two (the Harmattan target) permit the QEMU launched. Does it means that the other is for different Meego platofrms including Harmattan but not only?
    I see that recently Intel AppUp announced Qt for Meego (the operating system, not the Nokia platform). Is a different Qt creator / SDK version than the ones that can be downloaded from the Nokia developer or this can be used to develop and deploy applications for other Meego devices i.e. mobile platforms, Intel based tablets and/or desktop devices i.e. net-pc with Meego 1.2 installed as the operating system ?

    Many thank if someone can give some clarification.

  • The main difference is that Harmattan requires debian packages (.deb) while other meego devices use RPM files. So to ease switching between the two flavors we have Harmattan and Meego in different targets.

    The meego SDK has a different selection of plugins AFAIK, incl. some that are not part of the standard Qt Creator. We e.g. do not have the Intel AppUp plugin available and thus do not ship that one.

  • Thank you Tobias,

    so as a matter of fact if the same Qt SDK application for Harmattan should be ported on other Meego devices I need to create another project on the Qt for Meego of IntelAppUpp ?
    And in what cases - if you know - it is useful the Meego 1.2 target included in Nokia SDK ?

    I asked this also because in Intel AppUp developer resources is explicitly named Nokia as Intel partner on the Meego development platforms, sdk etc... At this point I am a bit confuse.

  • Sorry, I do not know much on the Intel AppUp program or what kind of support they have in Qt Creator. I am planning to attend the Intel AppUp workshop at the Desktop Summit here in Berlin next week to find out though:-)

    Maybe I can tell you more after that event.

  • Thank you Tobias, it is a great news !!!

    If I discover something before I'll notify updating this thread anyway I wait to have some news from you after the Summit.


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