GUI looks different and weird on different machines (Qt Creator 4.3.0)

  • Hi. I am a new Qt Creator user. I made a simple GUI using Qt Creator, which mainly includes QLabels and QTextEdits (basically user types some inputs and after clicking calculate, some outputs appear). I defined functionalities using PyQt 5 and made exe file using CX_freeze. The problem I have is that while GUI looks fine on my laptop, some font sizes and QLabel dimensions change on other machines and make the GUI look weird. In Qt Creator, I tried different size policies for QLabel and QTextEdit (expanding, fixed, etc) but did not fix the problem. I will be grateful to hear any suggestion. Thanks.

  • Hi, and welcome to the Qt forum. Can you please post a screenshot of the weird looking window?

  • Thank you! Sure, here is a picture of it running on another machine (while on my laptop it looks nice). 0_1501805583724_myAppOnAnotherMachine.jpg

  • I noticed different OS's have different default fonts and sizes.
    Fonts are larger on linux (ubuntu 16.04 LTS) vs windows if I have been a little lazy to not specify dimensions properly.

    I've found if I have my font pixels calculated it works better, as opposed to just unset or point size.

    Try specifying dimensions not just a points size (is my guess) - something like:
    font.pixelSize: ( parent.height / 2 );

    • you can set it to literally anything you like. It's just another QtObject/Item.

    Anyhow, I don't have a perfect system myself - but this might give you an idea on how to fix yours.

  • Hi @Akzmn
    Welcome to Qt world.
    Using fixed sizes in GUI design is not recommended, inorder to use for multiple screen sizes.
    Based on "const QRect QDesktopWidget::screenGeometry()" sizes of internal widgets should be rearranged.

  • Hi,

    @Akzmn , welcome to Qt,

    Make use of the below code to get width and height :

    QRect m_ScreenSize = qApp->primaryScreen()->geometry();

    int width = m_ScreenSize .width();
    int height = m_ScreenSize .height();

    So make use of width and height values for all visual ui elements , so it will fit to all platforms.
    make use of the width and height values.


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