Compiling kqoauth for symbian devices in windows

  • Hello All,

    I was in need for a oauth library for symbian devices, so i thought of using "koauth": , i was able to compile the library for mac os , but now when i compile that for symbian using make command i get the following error:

    mwldsym2.exe: Specified file 'C:/QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/Symbian3Qt473/epoc32/release/winscw/udeb/edll.lib' not found

    Can any body let me know the steps we need to build this library for Symbian^3 sdks and device.

  • I'm using it as static library without any problems. One thing I did is set KQOAUTH_EXPORT in kqoauthglobals.h as nothing.
    @#define KQOAUTH_EXPORT // just empty statement@

  • can you highlight more on this i am new to qt can you tell what and where i need to make this change.

    It will be also great if you tell me how you compiled it.


  • Sure,
    Start new project, copy all files from src folder in kqoauth source code, include those in your project. change KQOAUTH_EXPORT in kqoauthglobals.h to empty statement
    Use the library following examples in website.

  • are you telling me to copy kqoauth source codes into my source code folder or the copy my source code folders into kqoauth folders??

  • to your folder

  • thanks for the reply again i tried that but i got some errors can you mail me ur sample project if possible.

    thanks a lot

  • i changed that and now i get the error like C:\QtApps\OAuthTestApp-build-simulator..\OAuthTestApp\kqoauthmanager.h:25: error: QNetworkReply: No such file or directory

    But i guess i have included network module in my Qt .pro file.

    Can you throw some more light on this.

  • make sure that this is in your .pro file:

    QT += core gui network

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