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Qt doesn't care about the changed code

  • I'm building a 2048 game copy with ncurses. It runs smooth the first time. I create a header file, put some code there, link it. Run it again. Nice. But when I try to chance my code, sumply by changing a "Hello World" string, the code "doens't update" at all (does not show the updated string on terminal).

    I can destroy my code, removing everything important and the Qt still runs that first piece of code and doens't matter what I make with the code later. I tried to remove that header file and put everything back on main.c again and still nothing.

    I don't know what happened. Everything was running fine, when suddently...
    I put this exact same code on another IDE and it was fine.

    Can you guys help?
    Thanks so much!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @NeoFahrenheit First of all: Qt is innocent here. The problem you have is with QtCreator (I guess you're using it?) and qmake.
    "I create a header file, put some code there, link it" - how? Can you explain more? Is this new file in your .pro file?
    Also after adding new files you should rerun qmake and do a rebuild.

  • Hi,


    1. Once do clean->run qmake->then build->then run.

    running qmake is necessary when u add new files or modify the .pro file of the respective project.

    adding to @jsulm , did u add new file and , check in the .pro file of ur project, whether the file is been added and then do as mentioned in point (1).


  • @jsulm Yes, I'm using Qt Creator (Community). I created the header file doing the following:

    1. Create the header file clicking on Sources --> Right Click --> Create Header File...
    2. I include the "header.h" in my main.c file.
    3. I put some functions in the header.h e call it from the maic.c
    4. PS: I also add "main.c" to my header files to enable auto-complete.

    That's basically it. The headers are in the .pro file.

    @Pradeep-Kumar I was doing a similar process, but I wasn't running qmake, I think. Only cleaning, rebuilding and running it again.

    Now the Qt is working fine.
    I found it weird because I have played with some headers files before and never had this problem.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    @NeoFahrenheit said in Qt doesn't care about the changed code:

    I also add "main.c" to my header files to enable auto-complete

    main.c is not a header file and should not be added to headers!
    Add it to SOURCES instead of HEADERS.

  • @jsulm I think it's already in SOURCES, although I dont get auto-complete on header files that way. :(

    PS: I do get auto-complete, but not with functions of libraries, like stdio.h or ncurses.h. For example, if I type print, I don't get the printf or printw sugestions, only 'private' when I start typing the word.

    alt text

  • Up!
    I really need this auto-complete.

    For now, I'm using #include "main.c" on headers to code and deleting it before running it.

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