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QT Charts problem

  • Hello everyone. I'm a QT newbie coding in c++. I want to use QT charts module, but i would like to use it from QT designer. Is it possible on 5.9.1? I have selected and installed QCharts and QDataVisualiation from maintenance tool, but I can't find the option to add QChartView to my gui in Designer window. A little googling revealed this. I did as accepted answer suggested, downloaded files and compiled them, but this time i get error "Cannot load library..." in "Tools -> Form Editor -> About Qt Designer Plugins". Is there any way to use designer to place and design graphs and charts?

    p.s: github link from the answer doesn't have a branch for 5.9.1, so i used 5.9.0 instead, would that be a problem?
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    @Konur You probably need to build this plug-in using exact same compiler and Qt version which was used to build QtCreator. You can find out what was used in "Help/About QtCreator".

  • @jsulm Yeah it turns out my qt creator was build with MSVC 2015 32bit but i was building plugin with mingw. But installing whole mscv 2015 32 bit kit and than compiling plugin gave the exact same error. What do you think could be the problem?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Might be a silly question but did you check the Qt version that was used to build Qt Creator i.e. that both are the same 5.9.X?

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    Seems like 5.9.1 and i'm using qt 5.9.1 for desktop. Any ideas?

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    ok. looks good.
    Make sure you compile in release mode.

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