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QQuickview Memory Clear Issue

  • Hi ,
    I have created a QQuickview to display a popup like below.

    QQuickView* poQQuickView= new QQuickView();

    Memory is allocated only after requesting show().
    Now i want to release memory without deleting the poQQuickView object.
    Using below methods doesnt free the memory completely .

    Is there any method available in qt to clear the memory completely without deletelater()???
    Please support thanks.
    Arvi- QtBegin

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    technically there's also

    delete poQQuickView;

    But what is your thought process behind this?
    If you free memory, that RAM entry isn't really deleted as in overwritten with 0, but its just markt as "use this as you see fit" for ANY other program in your OS.

    So you cant expect to grap that memory later on and simply use it again as if nothing happend. Its 100% sure to be, at least partially, overwritten by some other process.

  • @J.Hilk I dont want to delete QWindow but need to clear the contents from graphic memory 100%

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