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Widget focusOutEvent event is called before button press inside widget

  • I have a class(MyWidget) inherited from QWidget and inside it I created a button and other widget (say W1), Both kept inside QVBoxLayout

    On focusOutEvent widget(MyWidget) should hide and it works fine, but when I click the button inside the widget its getting hide but on clicking the widget (W1) inside the layout its not hiding

    m_layout = new QVBoxLayout(widget);
    m_clearButton = new QPushButton(widget);

    // this widget on click main widget is not hiding
    m_layout->insertWidget(m_layout->count() -1,item);

    Why button click hides MyWidget

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Because when you click on the button the focus moves to the button so out of your other widget.

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