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Will qtimers slots conflict happen?

  • If we have multiple timers in a single thread console application. For example one timer set interval is 3s, another time set 5 second and they maybe not started at the same time. In timerA slots, we change variable value or do some other things, before done all the things in the slots, it's right time to call slots of timerB . In this situation, timerA some operations can't be done before timerB slots start. The operations in timerA's slots is important to timerB.

    So how to avoid this situation happen? or there is other alternative method to solve this problem?

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    So you have a slower timer depending on stuff done by a faster timer but both are not started at the same time, correct ?

  • @SGaist YES. but after some time thinking, i think i find the answer. The work will be done sequentially because they are in the event queue, so they will be handled one by one? is this correct?

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    The download will also happen asynchronously.

    Is it me or are you preparing an architecture that might work based on an internal technical detail ?

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