PyQt Designer / Developer plugin to support a full Python GUI compile / edit REPL loop

  • Has someone created a plugin for Python developers to integrate IDE functions, i.e., design and develop GUIs with program logic using QT Designer. This means do the design, save the .ui file, compile the file, and display it, modify it, add user code for business logic, manage project files. I want to make the process faster, easier, INTERACTIVE and iterative process ? Right now it is still a batch process, and is more tedious than necessary to spawn out to command line, run pyuic4, etc., and then insert user code. With plugins for the compile step and managing project files, this process would be much closer to what we can do with VisualStudio, Eclipse, and other IDEs. Perhaps people think this is beyond the scope of "DESIGNER", and is more like QT GUI / Application Developer. I am new to this community so I am just learning what's available and how things work.

    Thank you.

    Rich Dev

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