I haven’t come across anything that fits your needs exactly. But there is this software I found (MD Python). It definitely fits your needs of making GUIs faster, easier and more interacted. It uses drag and drop to place GUI element that are premade. You can generate all of this into python code if you want to add your own flair or speciality. The link for the software is https://labdeck.com/python/ , however it offers a limited amount of GUI components. The other one (MD Python Designer) is around $10-20 and it’s got unlimited GUI use (here’s the link https://labdeck.com/python-designer/ ). I think you’ll find the Python GUI Designer link more useful (https://labdeck.com/python/python-gui-designer/) as it shows the Designer in more depth. Slightly off-topic but they also have a GUI Designer that uses their own code, and from what I can gather it’s similar to C++ code and looks to need less lines of code but it’s not really my style, maybe it interests you: here’s the link for it https://labdeck.com/gui-designer/ .