MeeGo default UI components look ugly

  • hi,

    I recently recompiled one of my Qt app which I did using Qt 4.6.3 targeted Symbian OS.

    I just recompiled the same app without modifications for Meego device. when It ran on the device, the UI looked so bad. the buttons were flat like in win95.

    I was expecting that the controls will be automatically those Meego style like in other built in apps.

    Do I need to compile using Qt 4.7 to get those shiny controls?


    // chall3ng3r //

  • I am not sure about Qt 4.6.3, but using Qt Quick Components for Harmattan is a sure way to get some shiny controls :). They look great and you can port it easy to Symbian v3 also.

  • [quote author="chall3ng3r" date="1312127341"]
    Do I need to compile using Qt 4.7 to get those shiny controls?

    This will not make you app look better. In my opinion you should adjust the style sheets of your controls.

  • thanks guys.

    now rewriting GUI part using the new components.

    // chall3ng3r //

  • @leon: agree. The question (as it is explained somewhere in the documentation) portin appications between platforms need some parametric restyling due to the different geometry, pixel size etc. In Meego and Symbina there is as part of the Qt Quick components the Screen component that returns a lot of useful information just to make the compatibility simple.

    @chall3ng3r: I think that the best practice to manage your problem with as less effort possible is to upgrade to Qt 4.7.4 and include the Qt Quick controls for both the environments symbian and Meego. This will give you the possibility to double check what-s happen to your GUI. This operation is not complex and I think that don't need more code update.

    Then when you see what is ugly again consider to "evolve" a little your application including the last featuers (both for symbian and Meego) like the page navigation, toolbars, menu etc. And integrate your custom objects with the Qt quick components. It is possible that you discover that the elements that needs a restyling will be yours, thought on previous UI concepts slightly different from the new releases of Qt SDK, Qt Quick etc.

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