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Qt Enterprise Version for my Qt app?

  • I am trying to compile and build a Qt app project that I received.
    The Qt app project uses the following features of Qt.
    'quick qml quickcontrols2 webengine script webenginewidgets webchannel widgets websockets'

    Do I need to install the Enterprise version of Qt(which I received from QT company ) that would have all this features included to Build and Run this Qt app?

    We have the Qt Enterprise build on 14.04 ubuntu vm. Will the binary built in ubuntu 14.04 work on a 16.04 ubuntu?

    Please advise.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @MoBah Is your app a commercial one? All components you listed are part of the enterprise edition as far as I know. But whether you need enterprise edition or not depends on whether your app is closed source, how you link against Qt and whether you need professional support or not. That I don't know.

    The Qt build done on Ubuntu 14.04 should work on 16.04, but you need to test this to be sure.

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