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Can't debug android application - Connecting to remote server failed

  • When I try to debug an Android app with a mobile with Android 7, appears this message:

    Connecting to remote server failed:
    Remote communication error. Target disconnected.: No error.

    The same app with two diferent phones with Android 4 debug without problem.

    Any ideas?

  • @lqsa

    Are you trying to connect with USB on windows?

    There is a note for windows

    Otherwise you need to state your OS and version of Qt.

  • Yes, from Windows. I've already installed the USB driver, like says on the note, and already debugging on another Android devices.

    I'm debugging on a Samsung S4 mini (Android 4) and Energy Colors (Android 4). The problem is with a Motorola G4 Plus (Android 7).

    My OS is Windows 10 Pro (with the latests updates) and Qt 5.9.1. The same problem with Qt 5.7. Other versions of Qt hasn't tested.

  • It's very strange. I've tested two samples, places and contactlist, and can debug it. I suppose that is something on my project.

  • @lqsa

    Did you compile it already as application for windows?
    That may help, but you cannot test any specific Android stuff.

    Good luck for solving your issues.

  • I found it. The problem was that I'm using a tools greater than 25.2.5 and QT doesn't detect the SDK (see [](link url)). After install and use it, it debugs.

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