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QWebEngineView Mouseover crashing on debug

  • I basically just initialize the class and add it to a vertical QSplitter. When I move the mouse over it is when I get the error:

    this->webView = new QWebEngineView();
        QSplitter *searchSplitter = new QSplitter(Qt::Vertical, this->widgetSearchResult);

    Error I get is Screen shot

    When I look at the source code of web_event_factory.cpp I see that the error is landing on the Q_ASSERT(false);

    static WebInputEvent::Type webEventTypeForEvent(const QEvent* event)
        switch (event->type()) {
        case QEvent::MouseButtonPress:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseDown;
        case QEvent::MouseButtonRelease:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseUp;
        case QEvent::Enter:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseEnter;
        case QEvent::Leave:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseLeave;
        case QEvent::MouseMove:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseMove;
        case QEvent::Wheel:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseWheel;
        case QEvent::KeyPress:
            return WebInputEvent::RawKeyDown;
        case QEvent::KeyRelease:
            return WebInputEvent::KeyUp;
        case QEvent::HoverMove:
            return WebInputEvent::MouseMove;
        case QEvent::TouchBegin:
            return WebInputEvent::TouchStart;
        case QEvent::TouchUpdate:
            return WebInputEvent::TouchMove;
        case QEvent::TouchEnd:
            return WebInputEvent::TouchEnd;
        case QEvent::TouchCancel:
            return WebInputEvent::TouchCancel;
            return WebInputEvent::MouseMove;

    Is there a way to disable Q_ASSERT(false) in debug mode?

  • @adviner

    I have added code tags in your post.

    The only thing I know you probably already found is using QT_NO_DEBUG, but this would require a recompilation of whole Qt and you would have at least not all debug information.

    You may want to check on JIRA for a bug report and report it, if not already done.

    Any idea of the actual event reported?
    Possibly you may want to do a complete rebuild of your application in case there was a flaw in compilation and a mixup of whatever.
    Can you produce a small example reproducing the problem?

    Do you see this also with previous versions of Qt?

    In case you find or file information on JIRA, please provide a link for others to be able to find the report easier.

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    What version of Qt are you using ?

    On what platform ?

  • Latest version 5.9.1

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. Using Visual Studio 2017

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    What hardware ?

  • I found this thread on google.
    I checked Jira and saw that there is a fix for the next release. ~ "hover qwebengineview"

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