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Android app is not shown, despite set in manifest

  • Hi,

    I created a AndroidManifest.xml (Projects\Build Android APK\Create Templates), and on the section Application, item Application Icon, I set the same .png file to all the three DPI.

    However, when I run the app, the icon that appears is not the one I defined, but the default (the Android logo).

    Am I missing something?


  • @canellas

    Are you on creator on windows?

    I have my AndroidManifest.xml on c:...\android
    and there are 2 more folder aside. In the res folder are currently 3 sub-folders and two are holding the icons.

    • c:...\android\res\drawable-hdpi\icon.png

    • c:...\android\res\drawable-ldpi\icon.png

    The medium size is not set in my case.

  • Thank you for your time.

    I am using Linux, and under android/res there are drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi and drawable-mdpi folders, and in all of them there is the .png file I set as application icon. I think it is correct, isn't it?

  • @canellas

    Sorry, I am on windows and I am still not very experienced.

    All I remember is that the name icon.png for the icons has been generated through the importing into the manifest with creator. Therefore you are needing the different folders. I can't remember that I have seen places where the naming could be changed.

    The only recommendation I could give with my limited experience is to rename the whatever.png to icon.png and see, if it helps.

  • Thanks, but the file name already is icon.png.

  • Perhaps Android doesn't like the png files? I would check that they are 32 bit with alpha channel as specificied (I don't know if Android discards e.g. 256 colour files, but I wouldn't be surprised).

  • Hi,
    to make Qt app creation for Android and iOS easier, V-Play Engine offers many Components especially made for mobile app development and comes with many open-source demos and project templates you can start your application with.

    These demo projects, for example, also come with a pre-set folder structure and AndroidManifest.xml and Project-Info.plist configurations with icons.

    Hope this helps!


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