Qt and Jetson TK1 - GDB Debugging

  • Having successfully cross-compiled Qt 5.9 for the Jetson TK1, I'm now looking to get debugging up and running from within Qt creator however it is beating me so far.

    Within Qt Creator, under the Tools -> Options -> Build & Run -> Debuggers tab, I've added a manual entry for the arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdb entry from the GCC linaro toolchain used for the Qt cross-compilation.

    I have checked that the "Device" is correct, with the correct IP, user login details and I've done a test and this verifies that the device can be accessed.

    If I deploy a Qt application in release mode, everything works fine. As soon as I attempt to try in debug mode, an error appears with the following message:

    Adapter start failed
    Initial setup failed: Application finished with exit code 127.

    It feels like the gdb server isn't running on the TK1 but has anyone experienced this before?

    Thanks in advance.

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