Creating info tips like shown in Adobe Lightroom CC

  • From what I understand Adobe uses QT for their client-side applications. I was wondering how I could accomplish an info tip like shown below for my own application. It seems to adjust to window size dynamically as well. Any input would be appreciated!


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    Hi and welcome to Qt user forum
    info tip = tool tip when you hover mouse over it ?
    You mean the black dialog(ish) it shows?

    You could use a widget and style it with style sheet/custom paint then use
    QStackedWidget for the pages.
    To activate it, you would override the event() function and look for the QEvent::ToolTip event.
    Then open the dialog.

    You also looking for the dimming effect of whole app when shown?

  • Sorry - poor choice of words on my part.

    It looks to be a modal dialog. I just didn't understand how the background was adjusted also for size of window. Specifically the white curved line that expands and contracts based on main dialog size. Yes - I am also looking for the dimming effect as shown.




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    Here is small sample
    alt text


    Note: the style sheet is on the Dialog

    It needs some tweaking to look good but should give a good idea of how to get it.

    One thing that is still unclear to me.

    How will you store multiple pages of text pr Widget ?

    Also if you press next, will it then show more info about the Import button or will the other pages
    highlight other controls in the window behind it ?


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    ok / ahh. not a tooltip :)
    i think you can expand the area and make it semi transparent . (cover all of main)
    Then you can ask the Widget (like import) to render as a bitmap and show that on the overlay.
    Then draw lines to it.
    But you will need some sort of small db, with widget names and the text needed.

    Regarding the line. seems like a spline of sorts.

    I think its a semi-transparent window and it just redraws the black area if needed
    in new position ( or move it if widgets) . but not sure.

  • Appreciate the quick responses!

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    Np. was bored.
    the darken part could use a QGraphicsEffect

    Note: making the dialog semi-transparent might also work.

    You can use
    to fake it. ( if your platform supports it)
    Also dims the info part so not optimal.
    I think using
    and draw semi trans fill might work better as then
    the widgets will not be faded also.

    you can use a widget inside the dialog so it can move around at will. (inside the dialog)
    alt text

    For the line drawing, i think this can do it
    or this

    Or just use a straight line if u dont want to get into bezier/splines :)


    void ToolTipDialog::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event) {
         QPainter painter(this);
         painter.fillRect(rect(), QBrush(QColor(0, 0, 0, 128)));

    seems to work fine and you need it for the line drawing too/anyway.

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    alt text

    paintEvent +
    painter.fillRect(rect, Qt::transparent);

    allows to not dim an area so widget is clearly visible.

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