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QT Creator, ClearCase, & Remote Cross Compilation.

  • I've just started a new job at a company and I'm not sure if QT Creator is capable of handling their development environment, so I thought I'd ask and perhaps get some guidance.

    This is for a collection of applications and libraries, most of them embedded in a network appliance. The source tree is huge (over 400 gigabytes, and no I don't know why or even how much of that is significant at this point,) and heavily branched into dozens of directories.

    The code was created using Rational Rose and uses CleacCase's build system.

    The code is written in C and C++ and relies heavily in inheritance, so there's objects defined all over the place and include files are brought in from all over the place. The code set doesn't seem to be all that hierarchical or well-organized to me at this point.

    Here's the kicker. The code is built on Linux servers using a PowerPC toolkit that I don't have access to on my workstation. I can't build it locally.

    Can QT Creator and Clang still parse and understand the code set so I can still use QT Creator to navigate the code (VERY important for this new guy!) and refactor code (somewhat important.) I need to know if I'm wasting my time with QT Creator or should I move on to another IDE/editor.

    Please don't make me use grep and vi!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    One thing is not clear, are you editing the code locally and then have something like distcc running ?

  • @SGaist Editing the code locally, and ssh-ing into a Red Hat Linux box to do the build using makefiles generated by ClearCase's build management system.

    (Please bear with me, I'm not 100% familiar with the system -- I've only been working here two weeks.)

    -- RK

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  • Integration with ClearCase is not the issue. Scanning the source code and parsing it for cross-referencing and refactoring is. The code is built on a remote Linux machine for an embedded PowerPC application. That remote Linux machine does not have QT Creator installed, otherwise I'd be running it there.

    Instead, I have the ClearCase VOB mounted on my Windows machine for editing the source files. Ideally I would like to use QT Creator for that, but I do NOT have the PowerPC tool chain available on the Windows machine.

    Are there any other alternatives I can use to successfully scan the source code for QT Creator on my Windows machine?

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    Can you describe exactly what is not working currently ?

  • @SGaist I can't follow a variable to its declaration. I can't locate method declarations or definitions. I can't pull up a list of everywhere a symbol is used. (I haven't tried refactoring yet.)

    It seems to work partially in that I can sometimes track stuff down, but most of the time nothing happens.

    One quick question. Does QT Creator rely on an external compiler to generate the symbol database (or whatever QTC calls it,) or does it have an internal parser similar to what Slickedit uses?

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    The new code model is using the clang to parse the sources. See here for more details.

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