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WinRT problem

  • I am getting following error when building test QtQuick Controlos 2 application from Qt Creator:

    Platform: Windows 10
    Qt: 5.9 Precompiled binaries
    Complier: Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compiler 15 (MSVC)
    Build Kit: Qt.5.9.0 for UWP 64bit (MSVC2017)

    qt.winrtrunner: .... AppxManifeest.xml does not exist.
    qt.winrtrunner : Unable to find a run profile for ..../test_app.exe

    My question is:
    Why Qt even want to use WinRT?
    How can I solve this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Likely because you install the UWP package. If you don't want that then install on of the Visual Studio packages.

  • Oh my, I've just read UWP = Universal Windows Package = WinRT :|
    I'm new to Windows platform.
    Installing proper packages right now.

    The question still holds, does QtCreator generates AppxManifest.xml or one should make this manually?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I haven't used that platform yet but you should find more information about it here.

    Hope it helps

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