My build doesn't create executable

  • Hi everyone,

    I m working on a project with Qt creator for an embbeded software,
    My customer sent me a programm that I have tu run on my board
    the problem is that when I build or run my project, no executable file appears.
    Either in normal compilation or in cross compilation
    I think this is a configuration problem or my customer sent me a bad project

    Qt return me this error :
    Failed to start program. Path or permission wrong?
    exited with code -1
    Have you ever seen this?
    Can you help me please ?


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    make sure that the output path is writeable and also that the executeable isn't currently running.

  • On the left side in Qt you can see "Projects". Maybe you have to change the build path as @raven-worx said.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To add to my fellows, are you sure you are building an application and not a library ?

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