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Qt5 UI overlay video

  • env: Tx1 , only one fb

    video : gst decode and display video
    qt5 UI : qml

    now, I want to display Qt5 UI upon video by x11,
    any ideas?

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    Please describe your situation with more details. From your explanation it seems that you would be using three different technologies fighting to show something on screen.

  • oh, my god, I am sorry.

    I want to decode and display video from the camera with gstreamer and my control UI with qml should be up on the video.
    Then ,the video and the control UI should on different layers and can not interfere with each other.

    If my dev have two fbs (fb0, fb1) that are on different layers, I can display video on fb0 and control UI on fb1.
    But my dev have only one fb, so how to do with it ?

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    By layer do you mean different screens if you have two frame buffers ?

  • yes,I want to display the video and the UI control on different screens on the same monitor.

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    Beware, screens and monitors are pretty close meaning wise.

    So you mean that you want two different widgets ? One showing the video and the other the controls ?

  • no,the video from the camera should be decoded and shown with gstreamer, not be shown with Qt.
    In my project, the video has be shown correctly and now I need to add a control UI to it .
    I want to develop this with Qt.
    In my development , I find that the control UI and the video are conflicting on the minitor,
    sometimes the video will overlay the control UI , and when the control UI will run later to the video,
    the control UI will overlay the video.
    This is not my expectation.
    I hope that the UI and the video will not conflict, and the UI will always up on the video ,
    but the UI 's background should be transparent so that we will see the video through the UI.

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    Qt has a gstreamer backend or you could use the QtGStreamer project. Wouldn't that simplify your life ?

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