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How to find the exact configuration of the released version of Qt 5.5.1?

  • Hi there,

    I am currently running Qt 5.5.1 for Windows VC++ 2010. I need to rebuild the Qt source to include OpenSSL. I want to configure the Qt Everywhere 5.5.1 source with the exact same configuration options that I currently have running with the exception of the OpenSSL libraries. How can I find out the exact parameters in which Qt 5.5.1 for Windows VC++ 2010 was configured with originally?

  • Hi @QtBit44

    in Qt 5.6 in the directory qtbase of your build there is a file configure.cache that contains the configure parameters. Maybe it's there in 5.5.1, too.


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    Why do you need to include OpenSS ?

    Qt already automatically uses it if it can find the dlls. Thus if you have the OpenSSL .dlls for example in the same folder as your application they will be loaded.

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