[QT 5.9.0] App Update to 5.9.0 : QtWebSockets module not installed

  • Hi !

    Today i'm trying the new Qt release.
    I want to update an app i've made with Qt5.7.0 which use some websockets.

    The 5.9.0 build works, but at the runtime, i get the error "QtWebSockets module is not installed".

    In my 5.7.0 files, i have the import line like that :

    import Qt.WebSockets 1.0

    But i've seen that since the Qt 5.8 release, we have to write it without the dot

    import QtWebSockets 1.0

    I tried to launch the echo websocket qml client and it works ! So I assume that it's not a Qt install problem.
    I also see in the example that they add the code below into the .pro file, so i did it.

    QT += websockets

    But it still display the error : 'QtWebSockets module is not installed"

    Thanks for your help !

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