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What is the way to align Android keyboard input with dialog

  • I have created a MainWindow and I am simply opening a self-created dialog derived QDialog. The dialog contains a couple of QComboBoxes and a QLineEdit. Whenver I try to make an input into those field (line edit and combobox) the Android input marker is off and not aligned with the field I like to use for input.

    Also the comboboxes looked fine with predefined values. A bit small may be, but clearly readable. When changing them to editable in Qt designer, the text field shrinks in height and the top and button are cut off. Most of the time one cannot read what is currently displayed in those boxes.

    Are there some advices for style or setup to make it readable?
    How to align display of fields and input marker properly?

    This is with win 10 64 bit, Qt 5.9.0 and Android API level 17

  • Found some workarounds.
    The alignment of keyboard input marker with dialog is exectable for maximized dialogs.
    Editable comboxes are unusable. Therefore, basically switching them to use of QLineEdit with additional button. Could be more elegant, but it works.

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