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How to download qt-opensource-windows-x86-android-5.9

  • Hi,

    According to Qt 5.9 Release plan, it should be ready for downloading now.
    I have the *qt-opensource-windows-x86-android-5.8.0* file with the size of 1.3 GB. Now it's July the Thirteen and if I want to have *qt-opensource-windows-x86-android-5.9* —not through the online installer but an offline source— where to download it from please?

  • @tomy I'm not sure but qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.9.0.exe in may include all the binaries and the android part, too. I think so because there are no packages for different compiler binaries at all in 5.9 directory, just one package for Windows which is much larger than 5.8 packages.

  • Good deduction, thanks.
    So I go for qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.9.0.exe which is 2.3 GB with the hope of being able to code for Android apps and Windows as well.

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    @tomy Why don't you just use online installer?
    Then you will have the Qt Maintenance Tool which you can use to update your installation and to add/remove Qt versions.

  • @tomy Tested: it has all binaries and lets you select. It seems to be the same installer application than online installer but with offline Qt packages.

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    keep in mind, if you download the Offline-Installer than you actually download all parts of qt5.9 and you only select which one should be unpacked/installed, where as by the online installer you actually only download the packages you want.

    So keep that in mind, when you choose your installer to download.

  • I installed Qt 5.9 by online installer with these contains.

    I had an app written by myself, it's apparently corrupted and I think it was because of the collision of some programs on my Windows machine. If I have the offline installer I can uninstall and reinstall it easily.
    I also have the Qt Installer Framework Opensource 2.0.1 tool for its purpose.

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