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Size and naming of Android.apk

  • Creating an application for Android ends with application size of 7.2 MB plus. also for a simple hello world app.

    Strangely also for release compilations the naming is always "android-build-debug.apk"
    However, the debug compilation of application doesincrease the size slightly by about 200 kB.

    Is this typical or a problem with my installation?

    Running on Win 10 64bit. Qt 5.9 and API level 17 for Android.

  • @koahnig 7.2M sounds small. IIRC our small QML app .apk size is ~11M and the installed application takes about 30 or 40M. It includes the relevant parts of Qt binaries, after all. The naming thing is a bug in the Qt's Android build system IMO. You just have to rename it manually when you want to distribute it, I don't see any big problems with that, the file name won't affect anything in the installed app. The debug version is naturally bigger. I don't think there's anything wrong with your installation.

  • Thanks for reply.

    I have checked and compared the files on the shadow for release and debug android-build\libs\armeabi-v7a they are of identical size and only the file associated with application has different size and reflects the increase of size for the debug version.

  • @koahnig You can peek inside the .apk files (it's basically a zip file) and compare them piece by piece. AFAIK Linux (which Android is) usually uses separate debug info files, not special .so files which would be linked with the debug build. It's unlike Windows where there are two .dll files. See e.g. I don't know if it's relevant or how the two builds actually should be different.

  • @Eeli-K

    Thanks for the hint with .apk file.

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    Strangely also for release compilations the naming is always "android-build-debug.apk"

    It automatically renames to "*-release-signed.apk" when you select signing of package option (need to configure keystore).

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